Indoors or under glass

Direct outdoors

  • Sow antirrhinum and laurentia in a cool greenhouse now for early flowering in the summer
  • Try sowing begonia and geranium for a head start to the season
  • Herbs such as basil, dill, chives and parsley can be sown now for growing on your windowsill throughout the winter
  • Sow exhibition onion seeds to give the bulbs time to grow as big as possible
  • Mustard greens can be sown in the greenhouse or on the windowsill throughout winter. The young leaves can be used in a range of dishes from soups to stir fries!
  • Carry on sowing Lettuce Winter Gem - this variety is specially bred for their ability to grow and provide a harvest at low temperatures
  • Sow hardy Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia outdoors


  • Move containers of shrubs or bedding plants to a sheltered spot; clustering them together helps protect the root systems from suffering frost damage
  • Lift the last of your leeks and parsnips before the soil becomes frozen and heel them into a trench beside a convenient path. They will keep well for several months like this and can easily be brought indoors when required
  • Cover heavy clay soil with polythene to keep it drier and allow winter digging
  • Remove yellowing leaves from your winter brassicas as they are no use to the plant and may harbour pests and diseases
  • Try digging a trench where you will be growing beans next year - fill it with compostable kitchen waste and cover with soil again. This will rot down and improve the growing conditions of your beans
  • Take root cuttings of oriental poppies and grow them on in cold frames
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