Indoors or under glass

Direct outdoors

  • Sow aster, brachycome and summer bedding varieties in a heated propagator. Dahlia, ageratum, coreopsis and cleome can also be started indoors
  • Sow stocks on windowsills indoors for lovelyfragrance!
  • Sow tomato seeds under glass for greenhouse cultivation
  • Salad leaves can be sown in pots and placed on the windowsill or greenhouse
  • Perennial herbs such as lemon balm, rosemary, sage, oregano and thyme can be sown now under cover
  • Wild flower seed mixes can go directly into wellprepared soil. These are great for bees and butterflies!
  • Direct sow hardy annuals such as california poppies, clarkia and cornflowers along with sweet peas
  • March is the perfect time to direct sow beetroot, carrot, summer and autumn cabbages, kale, kohl rabi, spinach, swiss chard and turnip seeds
  • Sow spring onion seeds in drills outdoors for a quick crop to add to salads and stir fries


Image of Cerinthe Major Purpurescens
  • Fertilise your beds. Once your soil is workable, dig a 5cm layer of compost or manure into your beds to prepare for the growing season
  • Dig in green manures grown over the winter. Do this whilst the stems are soft
  • Scrub watering cans to prevent fungal diseases. Also keep an eye out for slugs as the weather warms - they love soft, new growth
  • Sow hardy annuals in pots or module trays for planting up later in the Spring
  • Top dress containers by removing the top 2.5cm of soil and replacing it with fresh compost
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