Indoors or under glass

Direct outdoors

  • • Hollyhock, sweet peas, aquilegia and oriental poppies can all be sown in pots now and placed in a cold frame over winter
  • • Try sowing hellebore seeds now in pots in a cold frame. Germination can be slow so be patient!
  • • Winter salad leaves can be sown and grown in greenhouses, cold frames or cloches throughout the winter
  • • Spring Onion Performer can be started under cloches ready for harvesting in the spring
  • • Herbs such as basil, dill, chives and parsley can be sown now for growing on your windowsill throughout the winter
  • Sow wildflower seeds directly into the ground now to attract bees and butterflies next year
  • Direct sow hardy annuals which will flower earlier next year if sown now
  • Direct sow green manures now on empty beds and plots to help increase your soil fertility naturally over winter
  • Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia can be sown outdoors now for the earliest crops next year
  • Corn salad (lamb's lettuce) is a fully hardy crop which can be sown now for cropping throughout autumn and winter


  • After tidying borders, mulch with bark chips, well rotted manure or spent mushroom compost to insulate plant roots and keep weed growth in check
  • Lift and divide any overcrowded herbaceous perennials whilst the soil is warm
  • When peas and beans finish cropping simply cut the plant away at ground level, leaving the roots in the soil. These crops fix nitrogen which is slowly released into the soil as the roots break down
  • Harvest squashes and pumpkins before the first frosts. They will quickly turn mushy if left outside!
  • If you plan to grow beans next year, start preparing the site by digging trenches and filling with manure or kitchen waste
  • Any plants with green tomatoes or peppers remaining can be hung upside down indoors to ripen
  • Plant out spring bedding displays of pansies, violas and primulas
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